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Saturday, June 28, 2008

What plant and animal specialization have you chosen?

Originally uploaded by rollycaidic

I chose my euphorbia plant because it is so “uso” in my town. And just outside my window I also own one. It’s bearing bright red flowers like roses just only after I bought it. Since then it stopped flowering. I don’t know if it is my fault. So I wanted to know how to make it produce beautiful flowers again and more other things about it. I could also share this useful information to my neighbor.

For my animal specialization I chose my Tita Luming’s pet dog “Cutie”. She is a chubby pig-like-askal-dog owned like a real daughter by my two “matandang dalaga titas”. I thought with their help I could observe many things about the pet and I could also help them take good care of her.

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