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Friday, June 19, 2009

more planting trials

My first few attempts were in vain though. The plants died after three months much to my disappointment. How ignorant I was back then! I didn’t even asks my co-teachers how many times a week should I water it and where should it be placed. Few weeks have passed and this is now what my plant looks.

This is now my second attempt to propagate a euphorbia plant. Just in time for my plant dissection handbook, I will be able to use it as well during my dissections. Now I have a lot of questions in mind to ask the seller of euphorbia plants in our weekly “tiange”.

1. What is the breed of this euphorbia plant? Its imported she said…
2. Every when should I water it? Every week she answered…
3. Do I need to apply fertilizers on it? Yes, monthly would do. Do not overdo it…
4. Where should I place my plant? Near well lighted places.
5. Can I took it out of the soil then bring it back after my examination? Yes but do not water it right away. Wait for 2 days after then water it.
6. Why? So that the plant can adopt to a new soil and it would not drowned.
7. How much is it? Only 25 pesos. Different varieties are more expensive because of the petals.
8. Can I propagate it? Yes, one tip from me, choose the plants which has plenty of stems. You can cut these off later and plant, thus increasing your collection.

Isn’t it great? Now I’m caught in the euphorbia fever too!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

the euphorbia fever

Few months ago, I noticed some of my cp-teachers which are plant lovers are requiring drop-to-be students to bring euphorbia plants to our school as their project. Yeah it’s a laughing stuff at school normally students wouldn’t buy teachers’ wants. They thought it was a joke bringing plants to save their failing grades but my co-teachers were not joking! They really badly wanted to propagate this plant to their gardens. As soon as I am aware of this, that’s the time I noticed most of the front yards are starting to change their old plants to euphorbia. Until I realized euphorbia paint the town of Lumban red and pink.

So for my plant specialization, I chose this because of its abundance to my locality. I bought my first plant last March 2008. Brightly and bloody colored red flowers and heaps of green leaves there is. Then school days start and I forgot to take good care of the plants. As soon as this come to my attention, flowers begins to fall one at a time. I thought the plant were just adjusting to its new environment.

One time I got the chance to look at it closer. As I am getting close I noticed leaves were also diminishing! Mostly were already decaying on the soil and some had jagged margins. I tried to look underneath the leaves and to my surprise two caterpillars are devouring my plants! I hurriedly pick a stick and took it out of my sight. Well too late, leaves are badly damaged and stems were all left out. I pull out the complete fertilizers I bought together with the euphorbia then I observe it after a few days later. These are some of the pictures I took for my documentation.

this photo was taken after i took my euphorbia plant away from the garder in front of our yard because i thought caterpillars that ate my plant were from the other plants. i placed my euphorbia plant in front of my window next to where i could always observe it. i also apply fertilizers to it and water it every after two days.

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