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Saturday, June 28, 2008

hanna montana 3d experience

hana 3d experience
Originally uploaded by rollycaidic

yeah i think i should be taking my blog site mor seriously. im usually not in the mood talking about my craps in life. who cares anyway! but hey its a long vacation. and i just thought what a waste of my precious time not wasting my time writing on my silly blog.

its 3:22 am, and my brain is still running mad. DSL realy makes you go crazy. i think i have watched all of the videos on the you tube more than you think. and thats one more thing that keeps me up. yeah i know now how to self examine my testicles! hehe... wtf all those videos. i also enjoyed that indian song and some racist korean faces. hehe... well more sounds like theyr juz wasting my time.

my latest pictures were taken inside our house. thats what you get when you watched too much TV most of the time. you get like to be with the TV, obey the TV as your master, think like the TV, hear like the TV, smell like the TV, feel like the TV and be the TV. now im like going gaga over Hanna Montana and Miley Cyrus with the Jonas Brothers Best of Both Worlds 3D Concert TV event of the year! whew! i even get to memorized that super long title for a concert. Hell no! its not about Hanna or Miley or Jonas its about the 3D Shades i got! isnt it cool? you get to watched a concert just like inside iMAX Theatre. Very sosyalan! btw the tight pants of the jonas brothers looks good on them. i wonder if it would also look perfectly fine with me. the last time i wore a skinny jeans were our school's field trip. and only after the tour when my bestfriend told me that my ass is eating up my pants! what a looser! i sucks! OMG! i hate it when i remember that.
hey i also saw that Miley Cyrus Scandal thing in the Vanity Fair Mag. she looks very matured on that. but hey hey hey! im telling you im not into hanna montana! honestly!!!! please leave me alone! anywayz i think you should also watch Miley Cyrus got a boobs on you tube. thats fucking funny i tell you. but please im not interested with her its just that i bump into one of the links and just it!

most of the places i've been were just around my monitor. surfing the net. haha.. thats what you get when its your first time with dsl. thanks to the very ear popping digitel. they patiently waited for me. dont they love me? i never paid my bills for 6months then retained my outgoing calls for more than a year and now they are likely to sue me. telling me to find my lawyer and im busted! well im paid now. and they really love me for that.

well i should get some sleep now. my eyes are red like a tomato and my brain is sagging like a banana! whuahaah! isnt it funny? sagging and banana? yeah right! its funny! got to go now. bye for now!

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