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Monday, June 23, 2008

about our house

It has been a sleepless week for me. And marina is still swimming around the television while im in front of my turtle pc for some updates and probably making the most out of my new DSL! Whaha… this is what we call as ‘sabik’. i slept for 3 hours then waited for the carpenters then sleep again. Never mind all those noise.

Yeah! Speaking of carpenters… we are now renovating our house.
Let me describe ours. Its an old ancestral house of my late father. Made of stone on the first floor then wood on the second floor. After my father and my uncle ige passed away. My tita luming and tita virgie were left probably hanging coz they are single.. matandang dalaga.. so my superhero mother came to the rescue I think. She ‘suklian’ the house and lot.

Three years ago the house is not fully divided. Problem is there is only one stairs. So some problems usually occurs. Like the veryy cute cuteee. Wtf! That little angel like my auntie would say brings terror to us! As doctors said. She has scabies and yucks!! Even my pamangkin has too. Oohh thanks to that angelz..

So let me describe what is going on in our house right now. While im in front of my pc and while everything moves around me:

  1. we mixed the rooms with my tita. Moving my things to sister’s room just to give way for the repairing of the room where I will transfer.
  2. there is a big hole almost in the middle of our house right now. It’s the site of my precious tita’s stairs. I hope no one get hurt especially my precious tita. Yeah right! Keeping my fingerz crossed.
  3. my katokayo ‘rolly’ the 320-a-day-slow-carpenter is making all that noise making my room. Imagine spending all week just making my room’s walling and not yet the ceiling.
  4. thanks to obet the-350-a-day-fast-head-carpenter is doing most of the work. He is now going to the plainer to do the stair way to heaven of my auntie. They requested to do the plainer to make it lovelier.
  5. now I don’t know where to dump the good old refrigerator and the rusty washing machine. Well im planning to place the washyyy machyyy at the side of our house. I will renovate that too.
  6. later on I hope they put the new poste for the support of the new division.
  7. yesterday I run to the atm to get some money. Mother lily is not yet sending. Then this afternoon I will get to the RCPI to fetch some more money. Really spending way too high and to think 30,000 was gone with the wind just for the materials alone!
  8. now im thinking of matmas to carry over the expenses, ohh no I won’t!!! I have a big plan for the money ohh I hope I wont get help from them. No no!
  9. hey thenks to my sister who help out cleaning the dishes and cooking the rice and keeping aniel out of site of the carpentaz. Realy dangerous with a kid around. Promise! Hey thanks to johnmarie as well my pamangkin here. A little help means a lot to us.

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