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Monday, June 23, 2008

Lumban Anilag Street Dancing Champions Trivias

magaling magaling magaling! Champion ang Lumban Wawa National High School sa Anilag Festival 2008! syempre tatak lumban magaling! check out da pics!




  1. Ostrich feathers which costs 250 pesos were used as headress of each of the girls

  2. the municipality of lumban expenses had reached more than 400,000 just for the street dancing competition!

  3. 30,000 pesos were paid for the coreographers and production designer

  4. 10,000 pesos were aloted each day for the food of the dancers

  5. costumes were made in san pablo not in lumban

  6. participants are composed of 42 male dancers, 49 female dancers, 14 props men

  7. there were almost 10 professional make up artist hired

  8. practices took 1 month. from 8am till 9pm. mostly 15 minute breaks only.

  9. all props are authentic lumban made except for the sewing machine which were carved in paete using styro to get ease in parade.

  10. the props were doubled in number, a set for the practice alone and other set for the actual competition were reserved.

  11. costumes of the boys were delayed 2 hours before the actual competition

  12. not all boys were wearing the same costumes inside.

  13. propsmen's costumes were from last year's anilag of san pablo

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rolly said...

ako lang yata tao dito ! naku!!!

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