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Monday, June 23, 2008

story of my money

It’s all about the money!!!!

I was fully charged and energetic this morning. I slept early for the first time when DSL is not yet invading our pc at home. So I was so exited to see all my carpenters working continuously and to my surprise! Its past 8am and only Mang Vino the assistant is only around!!! WTF! WHERE ARE THE CARPENTERS! Screaming inside my head… I tried to said this to the good old carpenter’s assistant that he may leave and return AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE TOMORROW. And I hope he catches that line… I was fucking stressed to my surprise that everyone is so ‘palagay’ with everything when everything is a mess.

Later that morning my head teacher texted me salary is here… well what a great timing! I can have the whole morning free going around places. Never did even thought of taking a bath crash to the school. Met the principal wammy and get my salary. Before I left the school I settled everything. I gave ‘reseta’ inside the class cards indicating the credits of my wonderful (sucks!) students. Then did some forms, thanks to mam rexy filling out my performance rating now I just had to sign those.

Now im going to sta cruz to get the money sent my mother and so the story of my money goes…

Part one

I check out big bucks how much their rate is. Said 41.75. in paete its 41.35 so I thought I can save a lot with that (big buck’s rate). I ran to RCPI to get the money. I released the money in dollars for the first time. Now im learning!!... hahah

I got around 20,000 bucks I thought enough to finish the house renovation. Then I go to sta cruz joy enterprises and bought some electrical stuff for my upcoming brand new air conditioner. It costs around 2, 300.

When I got home I paid my sister 1,700 for the credits I made yesterday. Coz I got short when metrobank was offline lunchtime I siniloan.

In munisipyo I met beth the imperial rep to show me some air cons and some nice appliances. What I have in mind are washing machine and air con. Cutting my money story short I ordered one unit of the breezy thingy and swirly thingy for 5, 700 including the downpayment one month advance to avoid the CI shows and delivery fee. Anyway the spaghetti is nice free from the paete municipal office. Good timing though. I also pay ate mhey 500. thanks tamhey!

Then, obeth the sober showed up wanting to shovel all of their hardworks for the past week. I carefully computed all of their salary then take off their advance which equals to 3,700 bucks. All goes to the three of them!

Now summing up all my money’s journey to other people’s pocket. I will be running out of money before the house gets its final touch. I will be short big time on this. Anyways,
always think positive! I’ve always wanted a decent, simple but a house that I can be proud of and tell to everyone. A house, which I can announce as a landmark. At the end of the day, its always between me and my house. And it’s a nice thing to think that you have something that you can really call your territory. I get inspired seeing my co-teachers’ houses when they tell a story about it, laugh about it, and dream about it. Now I can share mine as well.

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