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Saturday, June 28, 2008

enjoy the waters

enjoy the waters
Originally uploaded by rollycaidic


Now the arctic zephyr guzzled up my complexion
As I freely drift on an agape sea of Quezon

My body is wavering against the tide and the wind
Eyes are jammed with the playful blue sky and white kind

My ears are hauled by the hushed water around my face
As I lie down floating on the timid ocean space

Salty sea mists squish around my chilly lips
And in my nose the blue green depths of water collapse

I wrote this poem last May 3 after me and my barkada had our annual beach vacation in Real, Quezon. The name of the resort is Baywatch. My poem describes my feelings as I swim into the seascape. Going back to the sea every year is invigorating. Spiritually, emotionally and physically I am always refreshed.

My vacation is never complete without going back to the beach with friends. It is our celebration of life, our escape from life’s black-tainted ordure. Vacation day may end but our memories from the sea live on. That is our life’s bivouacs after a day of enduring our obstacle course. The sea is our own little planet where we could escape from reality. And it’s nice to know that there are friends residing inside your heart which you can withdraw strengths, inspirations and happiness.

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