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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Making Cell Model

Activity No. ___

Making Cell Model

I. Materials

Bar of white soap

Pins or nail pusher

Knife or any carving tools

Coloring materials (paint, water color, pens)

Picture of plant and animal cell

II. Procedure

1. Observe the picture showing their parts. Differentiate plant from animal cell.

2. Using a knife, start carving the soap by copying the shape of the cell from the picture. Make sure to clearly identify the difference of the two soaps.

3. Carefully etch and carve the different parts of each cell using a pin or a nail pusher.

4. Color your work with the use of different paints or color pens.

III. Observation

Draw the cell model and label the parts of the plant and animal cell

IV. Application

1. How will you relate the parts of the cells and its function with you as a group?

How did you participate to your group?

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