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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Diffusion, and More of Capillarity

Activity No. __


I. Materials

Atsuete seeds

Glass with tap water

II. Procedure

1. Half fill a glass with tap water.

2. Add squeezed atsuete seeds. Observe.

III. Observation

Draw the glass before and after the activity.

IV. Analysis

1. Describe what happens to the water.

2. What is diffusion?

V. Application

1. Cite three everyday situations where diffusion happens.

Activity No. ___

More of capillarity

I. Materials


Red food color

Stalks of celery


II. Procedure

1. Fill up the beaker with water. Put food color.

2. Cut stalks of celery about 10 centimeters long.

3. Dip the stalks into the beaker. Mark the water level.

4. Set aside the setup for 10 minutes or longer. Observe.

III. Observation

Draw what happened to the stalks of celery

IV. Analysis

1. What happened to the amount of water after the celery stalks have been dipped for 10 minutes?

Do you see part of the celery acquiring color? Describe.

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