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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cheek Cells

Activity No. ___

Cheek Cells

I. Materials

Microscope Medicine dropper

Cover slip Gentian violet

Glass slide Toothpicks

Nail polish Water

II. Procedure

1. Gently scrape the lining of your inner cheek with the flat end of a clean toothpick. Do not hurt yourself by puncturing your cheeks.

2. Stir the cheek material into the glass slide in order to separate the cheek cells.

3. Place a drop of gentian violet into the prepared glass slide to make the colorless protoplasm visible. Let it stand for about 5 seconds.

4. Gently wash the slide with water to remove the excess stain. Do not directly touch the stained cell. Let it totally dry.

5. Apply a drop of nail polish on the specimen then immediately cover it with a cover slip. Let it dry.

6. Examine your cheek cells under the microscope.

7. The dark spot in your cheek cells is the nucleus. Locate and label it on your sketch.

8. Examine the cytoplasm around the nucleus of the cheek cells. Label it on your sketch.

9. Locate the cell membrane surrounding the cytoplasm. Label it.

III. Data and observation

Sketch your own cheek cells then label it.

IV. Analysis

1. How are the animal cell and the plant cell similar?

2. How does the animal cell differ from the plant cell?

V. Application

1. Could one of the animal cells exist in the environment of a plant cell?

2. Trees like the giant redwood trees grow so large and tall. Why?

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