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Saturday, June 21, 2008

UP Open University

Write an essay of about 500 words indicating your purpose for applying to the distance education programs and your plans after completion of graduate study at the UP Open University.

Opportunities are never lost; someone will just take over the ones you missed. True enough, the opportunity of studying in the University of the Philippines – Open University is a big break for me. Congressman “Egay” San Luis Scholarship program really offers a great chance for us to pursue our post-baccalaureate studies in spite of our arduous work as a public school teacher.

My line of work requires a great deal of time and efforts. Weekdays are not enough to accomplish all my tasks in school. Even Saturdays and Sundays are sacrificed just to prepare all the lessons and visuals for the coming days. For this reason, studying in an Open University or distance learning program helps a lot in balancing my time and effort for different tasks.

My intension in taking up a graduate study course is to advance my level of education, which may lead to a higher degree of position and a broader scope of employment. Moreover it would be an edge to finish my education in one of the premier universities in Asia such as UP.

After I completed my graduate study course in UP Open University, I will still continue to teach Science and Technology II in public high school, conforming the contract I will sign under the scholarship. I know, after this, more doors of opportunities will open for me. I will also apply for promotion that may upgrade the level of my position. I will also venture into a deeper line of work, like researches or science investigative project, and maybe streamline my teaching strategies.

To the extent that my career will flower, I know my students will also bloom in the field of science. I will improve their skills and develop more their interest in this discipline which is the basic aim of my scholarship. Cong. San Luis’ vision is to harvest more UP Passers from students of fourth district of Laguna. That is what I am also aiming. After UP, I should be able to create globally competitive students, equipped with the latest trends in science.



Anonymous said...

hello there...your blog link was forwarded to me by a good friend. i am also applying for DE at UPOU. i'm goin to sit in the exam tomorrow. i'm afraid actually, i do not know what to expect hehehe... i already finished my 500-word essay though before seeing your blog...i hope i can make it...cheers!

Rolly B. Caidic said...

heya! gud lak on your exam i know you can do it! don't bother... DE is far more very exciting than you expect. i was just like you before i have no idea about this type of schooling but later on i find it fun and challenging.
balitaan mo ako kung ano result ng exam mo ha? sana mag kaklase tayo!

Donalld Lumiguid said...

hi there sir!im in the process of applying a post graduate course at the UP OU,im planning to take up MPM.hoping na matanggap :) are they particular po ba sir sa grades mo sa undergrad?is the essay would be of great help as well as the letter of recommendation in getting into the UP DL?

Rolly B. Caidic said...

Hello Donalld! Meron silang point system sa mga requirements na ipapasa mo.. May equivalent points sa grade mo sa undergrad, essays etc.. Ako kz scholarship kaya dumaan pa ako sa screening process pero kung regular student ka mas madali cguro ang makapasok.. Good luck!


Ikko Dalisay said...

Hello po! DST Biology po ang kinuha niyo sa UPOU? Mahirap po ab ang mga subjects?

Yan po kasi ang gusto kong i-take this coming semester. :)

Rolly B. Caidic said...

Hello Ikko Dalisay! Depende sa mode of learning mo.. May mga taong di sanay na mag aral on their own mas gusto niLa regular class na may classmates.. Meron din sanay mag aral kahit solo.. Kung sanay ka mag aral ng mag isa at technically proficient ka sa internet at computer then para sa akin walang mahirap n subject para syo.. Exciting ang Open U para sa akin kz flexible sa oras at makakapag aral ka at your own pace.. Good luck!

Ikko Dalisay said...

Hi! Sa mga major subjects po sa Biology, di ka naman po nahirapan sa mga lessons especially Genetics part? :) Hehehe!!

Rolly B. Caidic said...

Depende pa rin s prof mo kung mahirap or madali ang subjects.. May mga prof kz masyado mRaming punapagawa pero meron din kahit mahirap ang subject tulad ng biochemistry kinaya naman ang powers ko kz helpful ang prof.. Ang genetics sakto lang..

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