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Saturday, June 21, 2008



Now the arctic zephyr guzzled up my skin
As I freely drift on an agape sea of Real Quezon

My body is wavering against the tide and the wind
Eyes are jammed with the playful blue sky and white cloud

My ears are hauled by the hushed water around my face
As I lie down floating on the timid ocean space

Salty sea mists squish around my chilly lips
And in my nose the blue green depths of water collapse

My first leg of fully packed month of May starts with our barkada’s annual outing in real, Quezon. It almost neared the edge of vagueness when proposed schedules did not fit everyone’s calendar. Thank’s to kuya tino’s (who wanted to be called Arvin) resources he phoned up everyone on his phonebook just to settle things down. What a great timing when agie (which was hired that day) knew a new and better place we could held the outing – Baywatch! We (agie and me) arrived as soon as everyone’s brains blew out after letting them wait for us for 3 agonizing hours. I understand… The pack of wolves is there… charisma, sir lem, tino, and bitoy. They almost devoured us with their eyes! We decided to just rent a room since ranel will come the next day.

Long wait evaporates away when we reached the long end of the rainbow. To my surprise… There’s a pot of gold! Literally, the sand is perfect, the facilities are nice, service is ok and the weather is inviting. We rushed to grilling area before hitting the dark sea floor.

The following days are filled with out bursting laughter, laughter and laughter up to the brim. Beers and wines poured out every night as we serenade the dark sky intertwined with stories of life and love. We literally filled the room spaces with no gap especially during sleeping hours. That’s part of the fun and how our boredom fades away.

Now that’s what you call a vacation. A celebration of life. An escape from life’s black-tainted ordure. Vacation day may end but the memories live on. That is our life’s bivouacs after a day of enduring our obstacle course. Our little escape from reality. It’s nice to know that at the end of the day there are friends residing inside your heart which you can withdraw strengths, inspirations and desires.

For Agie, Charisma, Sir Lem, Kuya Tino, Kuya Bitoy and Ranel.

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