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Saturday, June 21, 2008

self introduction

Hi everyone! Newbie here…

My name is Rolly Bagamano Caidic just call me Rolly for short, 23 years old, male and still single =)… I’m on my second year now as a public high school teacher; it’s also my 2nd year of teaching experience. I’m handling biology for second year students at Wawa National High School, Lumban, Laguna. I’m live in Paete, Laguna. I graduated in Laguna State Polytechnic College.

Well, yeah you’re probably wondering why I’m just only now? I’m one of the “lucky” (I think) scholars of Cong. Egay San Luis which just started this 2nd sem. The modules just arrived last Thursday and they are requiring us to pay 500 pesos for the application fee before we get the modules. So the story goes… most of us paid the fee late (‘coz all of us are public school teachers) and so our modules.

Most of my co-teachers and friends ask me if I’m enjoying my work. They thought being a teacher is a very tough job. I dunno… I think I like my work now. Facing my students everyday, laughing with them, even arguing with them or worse getting angry to lazy and noisy. I enjoy those moments. Actually, I used to work in a call centre before, its sooo toxicating! Besides, I don’t like burning my ass in an office chair for straight eight hours and arguing to someone I don’t even see. I don’t have anything against call centre agents, I think it’s also a nice job but I really don’t think that work is for me.

I consider being a student again in this virtual class is another exiting part of my career. I expect to learn more about my major subject as well as improving my teaching skill. I also expect that I would gain a lot of insights and help from my fellow classmates. I would really like to share experience with them. Through this I know I can upgrade my craft. And through this I want my students to build up their education as well.

I’m still very young in my profession; I lack enough experience that would help me understand most of the modules/topics of Diploma in Science Teaching. I hope to read more forums and help from you guys. I will also try my best to help you out. We’re just an email away. Hope to chat with you soon!

Thanks for your time reading my first blog.

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