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Friday, October 10, 2008

Complaint letter to friendster

hi everyone! just last week i found out that one of my former student had been snatching my pictures from my friendster profile and using it as his primary photo. of course without my consent! he is now transfered to a nearby town catholic school (i think) and i do not (honestly) remember if i had treated him that bad or even said something that might upset him or anything else. actually me and his mother are in very good terms. we usually greet each other when we get across the streets of lumban. i think this kid has a serious phsychological problem that needs to be address.

as soon as my another student posted a comment for me notifying me about what Jordan (the name of my former student) has been doing on the net i huriedly look up his profile on the net and shockingly found my pictures realy set as his primary display image. i even browse through his accounts and finding some people saying profanity to him when all they are seeing is my solo picture. it was a horryfiying moment to me. another thing that shocked me was when i look into his photo album. there were two of my pictures there together with a nude picture of a man! (pennis picture to be specific) i realy felt embarased and harrased that moment. i never did realized that this thing could happen to me. and what suprised me was it is my former student. so i did what a teacher should do! i immediately send a report to friendster community that exact day.
the following days i check out how friendster has been doing regarding my complaint but only zero unread message appears on my inbox. then i thought if more people will complaint then maybe the friendster manager would me alarmed and they would prioritize my complaint so thats what i did. the following day i recived this email from them:

This message is a warning from Friendster's Customer Support department. We have received one or more complaints about your account for the following reason(s):

- Other reasons.

***This is not a Warning***

You have suspected Jordan (User ID 64168300) as impersonating you. After my investigation I could not find conlcusive evidence that they are you. I looked through your profile and could not find a matching picture. If you have more information that you can give us to help your cause then please email our support staff. Thanks

This is a violation of Friendster's Terms of Service. Please take steps to correct this. If this is not corrected, or if we receive further complaints, we reserve the right to suspend this account.

If you feel you have received this message in error, please feel free to reply to this message at

i realy upset about their response. what i understand about their letter is that i am the one who is making the wrong report! so this is my complaint reply:

dear Friendster Community,

i would like to clarify my complaint to JORDAN BUERANO (User ID 64168300) for using my pictures as his primary photo or display image under the following URLs:

the pictures i am refering was not grabed from my photo albums but it was, i think, copied or saved then he uploaded it himself without my consent.

attached herewith are the original pictures i am reffering to. you could check the original date of the file embed on the pictures.

as a matter of fact you could also see nudity in his uploaded pictures inside his photo album.

it was me who is insulted and being harased. As a matter of fact different people are using profanity in "Filipino" words to this person's name when it is my pictures they are seeing...

my image and personality is badly damaged. i am a public high school teacher and using friendster is my way of communicating with my students and friends. it was his profile that you should suspend not mine because it was me who is the victim of this all.

i could not imagine this degree of humiliation would happen to me. i have been using friendster for years, (i think you know that) and this is the first time that happed to me. i am very loyal to your company and you should also consider comparing JORDAN BUERANO's lenght of years using friendster than my membership for more than four years now. i think you should also compare the numbers of comments and testimonials posted on my profile to see my reputation as a good person.

i hope you thoroughly investigate again to see who's really telling the truth. i am looking forward for your reconsiderations regarding my complains. again it is me who is the victim and it is him who is violating your Terms of Service.


Rolly B. Caidic

after two days i check out again Jordan's profile on friendster and its GONE! to my surprise! i even use his code number just to make sure he just dont change his name or sumthing but it was totally gone as in zero match found on search options.

then the next day friendster send me this email on my yahoo mail:

Re: Account warning message from [Incident: 081004-000638]Thursday, October 9, 2008 5:31 AMFrom: "Friendster Terms of Service" View contact details To: rollycaidic@yahoo.comRecently you requested personal assistance from our on-line support center. Below is a summary of your request and our response.

Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you.

Re: Account warning message from

Discussion Thread
Response (Cal) 10/08/2008 02:31 PM
Hello ,

Thank you for contacting Friendster Customer Support.

We apologize for the wording and the warning. Profile has been removed from our site. We appreciate your understanding and patience in this matter.

We hope this information helps and if there is anything else we can assist you with, please let us know.


Customer Support

thanks God the impostor is gone deleted evaporated as in DEAD!
thanks also to all my realy friends and my dear students who also help me report this incident to friendster. actually some of my dear students personnaly confronted Jordan because they know his house. haha!

lesson learned? never ever trust everyone on friendster. and never ever put personal things such as pictures and informations on public.
i posted this event because i wanted to help other people too. if you have complaints and some problem like this never hesitate to complain or report it to friendster community. yeah they are also people not computer! they will definitely help you out! good luck everyone!
this is the original copy of the picture i am talking about...

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