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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What are reproductive technologies?

I am a Roman Catholic and I am a science teacher as well. I think we, humans, can be dimensional. Meaning we have all the reasons to be equally identified into different forms depending on our roles in life. On one side I am a believer of God on the other side I am an advocate of science. I have full respect for both sides of me and it is not a big deal because it makes me what I am now. On the onset of our world’s battle cry for a better living, reproductive technology is on the edge for bioethical debates. Between the world’s leaders (Church and Politics) it’s still a matter of personal choice. It’s us who know and understand ourselves best. We may have different responsibilities and tasks in life but we only have one body. Do not let other people affect your decisions in life. Stand for what we believe and what is right for ourselves.

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