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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Science Department Narrative Report

Science Department


January – March 2009

I. Introduction

Embarking its new insignia, Lumban National High School continues to bring forth excellence in secondary education equally in academic and extracurricular activities for this year’s first quarter. Elevating essential developments in trilogy of focal areas such as students, curriculum and staff, its mission envisions a full throttle of its science and technology engines.

As renascent as its new name, the visionary leadership of its Principal Nilo Y. De Robles calibrated student’s performance thru intensive school-based management. Faculty enhancement trainings were implemented and reechoed to outbrave the challenges of modern-day curriculum.

Programs and projects have fully met the final output catering its target clienteles from first year to fourth year high school students. Strategies using modules, peer teachings, conferences, assessments and evaluations were parallel to the needs of the students.

II. Goals / Objectives

The following are targets and objectives employed under the action plan in science and technology for the school year 2008 – 2009 under the last quarter of January to March 2009.

· to develop the student’s achievement level in Science and Technology

· to establish science organization

· to instill environmental awareness

· to develop a teaching module

· to learn more on how to teach Science and Technology effectively and efficiently

III. Accomplishments


Students’ performances were improved by 53% showed on last March’s final departmental examination results. Established Science Clubs from first year to fourth year have developed scientific attitudes, awareness of environmental problems and solutions, leadership and responsibility among students.


Improvement of the teaching – learning situation inside the classroom were bring into line as selected science faculty members did some research works. “Involvement of Students in Magic Activities in Physics” by Ms. Julie Ann Natividad was introduced to fourth year students to engage them in learning science and technology IV while having fun. “Dissection Handbooks on Selected Indigenous Plants and Animals” were performed by the second year students for the application of morphology, coordinated by Mr. Rolly Caidic for science and technology II.


Mastery of the subject matter in science was upgraded since January. Continuous education by some faculty members improved their teaching science and technology more effectively and efficiently. Ms. Julie Ann Natividad is currently attending Ph.D in Science Education at the Philippine Normal University where she is already obtained a total of 36 units. While Mr. Rolly Caidic under the scholarship of Congressman Edgar San Luis of fourth district is still pursuing his Diploma in Science Teaching, Major in Biology at the University of the Philippines Open University where he is now enrolled as a 2nd year.

Attending seminars are essential in keeping up with the modern trends in science and technology. Constec Seminar in Physics last February 19-20 and Chemistry last February 26-27 was attended by two faculty members Ms. Julie Ann D. Natividad (fourth year) and Mrs. Victoria R. Almario (third year) respectively.

IV. Problems Met / Encountered

With the National Achievement Test became upfront for the last quarter of this year, rigorous and intensive reviews every Saturdays and several remedial classes were done every afternoon from Mondays to Fridays.

Major problem resurfaced as pre-tests revealed low performances in science and technology. One of the findings suggests that poor comprehension and problem analysis were the reasons why students failed the preliminary exams.

Lack of school facilities and laboratory apparatuses also affects student’s learning and performances during laboratory experiments and activities. Thus, science investigatory projects were only introduced to fourth year students but failed to materialize.

V. Suggestions / Recommendations

To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, require creative imagination and marks real advance in science.

Albert Einstein

Why research?

It is for the intellectual challenge? Or is it to make the world a better place?

Margarita Alegria believes that science researchers must change their focus “from a science of recommendation to a science of implementation.”

The core focus of science evolves in three folds – knowledge, process and application. The distance between the people who produce the information and the people who use the information is vast. We do not do much to minimize this distance—not even asking if the information we are producing will be valuable to the end-users. We basically produce the evidence and go on to the next research problem.

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Science Teacher

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Head Teacher III

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