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Thursday, June 18, 2009

the euphorbia fever

Few months ago, I noticed some of my cp-teachers which are plant lovers are requiring drop-to-be students to bring euphorbia plants to our school as their project. Yeah it’s a laughing stuff at school normally students wouldn’t buy teachers’ wants. They thought it was a joke bringing plants to save their failing grades but my co-teachers were not joking! They really badly wanted to propagate this plant to their gardens. As soon as I am aware of this, that’s the time I noticed most of the front yards are starting to change their old plants to euphorbia. Until I realized euphorbia paint the town of Lumban red and pink.

So for my plant specialization, I chose this because of its abundance to my locality. I bought my first plant last March 2008. Brightly and bloody colored red flowers and heaps of green leaves there is. Then school days start and I forgot to take good care of the plants. As soon as this come to my attention, flowers begins to fall one at a time. I thought the plant were just adjusting to its new environment.

One time I got the chance to look at it closer. As I am getting close I noticed leaves were also diminishing! Mostly were already decaying on the soil and some had jagged margins. I tried to look underneath the leaves and to my surprise two caterpillars are devouring my plants! I hurriedly pick a stick and took it out of my sight. Well too late, leaves are badly damaged and stems were all left out. I pull out the complete fertilizers I bought together with the euphorbia then I observe it after a few days later. These are some of the pictures I took for my documentation.

this photo was taken after i took my euphorbia plant away from the garder in front of our yard because i thought caterpillars that ate my plant were from the other plants. i placed my euphorbia plant in front of my window next to where i could always observe it. i also apply fertilizers to it and water it every after two days.

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