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Monday, March 16, 2009

my cranial outputz, his cardiac throbz

Sadness fills my empty space as i glare through his heart's summons.
Longing to ease his agony somehow.
I drenched with him in midnight rain. Perilous love puts everything in jeopardy.
I crave to witness the sun shines back at him.
Exorbitant friendship is all I could offer.
Hoping this would tranquil his wounded heart...
For my buddy, whose heart is at apathy of sheer love.

Never loose your grip with love for it will find you no matter what. If your heart is nowhere to be found just wait until time let it flies back into you.

Monotony of life builds unbalanced being. It entomb one's self in lampoon of hapiness. Friends cease to ease this shanty of isolation. I thank you for taking this part.

Choosing chances are only limited to those who conceived of loosing. Never quit in life for it must go on no matter how hard it is. May you have more sucess in life.

As i track my way to school. Tracing those paths that once we've taken. Leaving my nest for i have to strugle for life. Until this afternoon we'll cross our paths once more.

Memories are engravings of a heart made of gold. For we are the artist that effluence shinning smiles. Every rivulet of happy moments spurt out into an ocean of treasures. May this day carved another impressions on gleaming heart.

I may not at your side at times of sadness. I may not right there to wipe away those tears but one thing i can assure you... Every heart aches you keep inside crashes me from within, every tears falling down from your face drowns me tremendously, every agony and pain you feel devours me slowly as well.

An empty heart is what he is... Strugling to find a relationship that's true. Like an ocean of scapes with an endless path. Compass his heart to break the hiatus of scarce. He's a scavenger of love, life and friendship. Take every chances of it and cherish them all.

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