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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dog Pattern

BRISKET: The Chest of the dog

BACK: The mass body seperating the loin from the withers.

LOIN: :Located on both sides of the backbone; the loin is situated between the ribs and hips.

HIPS: Joint- at the uppermost part of the hind leg

WITHERS: Located behind the neck, the top of the shoulders

CARPALS: The wrist and all bones of the pastern joint.

DEWCLAW: The fifth claw, very small and placed above the others.

FLEWS: Part of the upper lip (which hangs).

THIGH: The upper part of the hindlegs, below the hip.

FOREFOOT: Dog's front feet

HINDFOOT: Dog's back feet

PASTERN: Located at the topmost part of the hind legs

STIFLE: The Dog's knee- located (as that of most mammals), above the ankle, on the hind leg

HOCK: Totality of bones that make up the dogs ankle and heel (behind the ankle).

NOSE: Olfactory- the sense of smell, located at the tip of the muzzle. Used (as in all animals)
to recognize smell.

STOP: The depressed part of the skull- located between the eyes.

TAIL: Located at the rearmost part of the backbone. It is set on the rump of the dog.

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