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Wednesday, August 5, 2009



Welcome aboard everyone!
We will have our very first ONLINE ACTIVITY here. I will require you to have some basic knowledge about computers and internet. At any rate, you may seek coaching from your classmates or just tap someone’s shoulder besides you and don’t hesitate and don’t be scared to ask. = )

Answer all the Guide Questions at the end part of this activity. Then before signing out here please give me your feedbacks. How was your experience in using internet? Does this activity helped you? Did you experienced any problems> What are those? I need those answers so I may troubleshoot some inadequacies in using this type of technology. There is a big big room for improvements here. I am always looking forward for your constructive criticisms, suggestions or comments.

You have two options in passing your Internet Activity:
1. Send your ANSWERS to the Activity Sheets online through my email address:
Indicate your Complete Name and the Activity No. as your subject… or
2. Print your answers on short bond paper then pass it to me personally on Tuesday.

Enjoy learning everyone!


Converting Food to Usable Energy
Cellular respiration is a complex series of chemical reactions that harvests the energy trapped in the bonds of glucose sugar molecules and converts it into a chemical form that can be stored for later use. Humans and other animals obtain glucose sugar molecules from food, such as the fruits and grains shown here, while plants create glucose sugars in the process of photosynthesis. Essential to the survival of most organisms on Earth, cellular respiration yields the energy that makes our bodies function properly.

I. Click on the following websites. Then answer the following Guide Questions.

here are some videos i got from

II. Guide Questions:
A. In what form is energy stored in humans?
B. Why do organisms need to store energy?
C. Write the equation for aerobic cellular respiration
D. What are the stages of aerobic respiration?
E. Describe the following:
a. Glycolysis
b. Kreb’s Cycle
c. Electron Transport System
F. Differentiate anaerobic cellular respiration from aerobic respiration
G. What is the site of aerobic cellular respiration in all eukaryotic cells?


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